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Participate in the Affirmative Action journey of the Tata Group

Published on November 28, 2021

The Tata Affirmative Action Programme (TAAP) began in 2007 with the intent of providing equity to socially and historically disadvantaged groups in India. The journey has come a long way since then and the focus continues to remain on the three principles of Social Equity, Equal Opportunity and Inclusion across the AA communities. TAAP seeks to embed affirmative action with Tata companies through a number of interventions and most importantly by adopting an assessment methodology similar to TBEM that the companies are familiar with. To appreciate and understand more about TAAP, TBExG has created an E-module (module 1). This module gives an overview of the TAAP journey and introduces the basic concepts. It also contains case study examples of Tata Group companies having completed various interventions/projects, which will help users have a more detailed understanding of the projects.

The TAAP E-module 2 was launched recently as well. This module gives more information about the TAAP assessment framework as well as the facilitation engagement details. It explains the various steps of the Assessment process along with a detailed description of each of the E’s. Completion of the second module is also a pre-requisite for participants before the TAAP assessor training programme. As this is a detailed module, the users are requested to first complete the TAAP E-module 1 and move on to the E-module 2 only once they have completed the same.

To access the E-modules, please click here.



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Sir, I have completed TAAP assessment module 1 and need to move E-module 2. Thanks & Regards, Pankaj Varia Sr. Officer - Community Development Tata Chemicals Limited, Mithapur

- Pankaj Varia ( Tata Chemicals Limited )