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Tata Motors Finance completes its first Data Maturity Assessment

Published on November 03, 2020

Data Maturity Assessment is a new offering from Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG). Initiated in December 2018, the main objective is to help Tata companies on their path towards data-driven excellence.

Tata Motors Finance (TMF) has identified in its long-term strategy that one of the key differentiators and success enablers would be the usage of data and analytics. The company’s CEO expressed the need for a Data Maturity Assessment, opining that the assessment on TMF’s data maturity will help in comprehending the vintage and quality, analytical utility and ownership of data.

In line with the requirement, TBExG conducted a Data Maturity Assessment for TMF from September 7, 2020 to October 1, 2020. This was the first non TCS-led Data Maturity Assessment for a Tata company since TBExG started on this journey. The team had members from TCS, Tata Unistore, Tata Steel Europe and TBExG.

For a non-banking finance company like TMF, quality of customer data across the lifecycle and the usage of it in real time for decision making are critical foundational layers; this was the starting focus of the assessment team. The team also analysed how this can be enabled using technology tools while enhancing the competencies of business users to analyse data in an objective manner.

During the final feedback presentation, Samrat Gupta, CEO, TMF, and Rohit Tiku, Chief Strategy and Risk Officer, expressed their satisfaction at the outcomes and areas for improvement highlighted. In the formal feedback, both of them have also expressed a willingness to recommend Data Maturity Assessment to other companies.

Participant speak

It was a very insightful and comprehensive assessment exercise. It is incredible that in just two weeks you could comprehend finer nuances of data management and its maturity at TMF. Your observations were very accurate and suggestions are well accepted and have been planned for implementation. The efforts invested by the teams was humongous and the process executed was very meticulous. We deeply appreciate the efforts invested by all the assessors in completing this exercise within committed timelines.

The data excellence and process excellence programs at TMF perfectly complement each other and would make TMF truly an excellent organisation under TBExG’s guidance.

Jitendra Jadhwani, Head - Business Transformation, Tata Motors Finance


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Very interesting to read and to participate.

- Dennis Van Eerden ( Tata Steel Europe Limited )