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TBEM Mentors flag off the Business Excellence Assessment Cycle for 2020 during the Mentors’ Programme

Published on July 20, 2020

Senior Tata Leaders including TBEM Mentors and Team Leaders, along with Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) Process Consultants attended the Mentors’ Programme on July 17, 2020. The two-hour programme was chaired by S Padmanabhan, Executive Chairman, TBExG. The programme was perceived to be enriching and reassured TBExG’s commitment towards Customised, Collaborative and Celebrated assessments aimed to provide value-added insights to the participating companies this year.

NK Sharan, Vice President, TBExG, moderated the programme proceedings which began with welcoming new Mentors and Team Leaders to the gathering. He also highlighted the importance of the Mentors’ role both pre and post assessments. This year, Mentors who are new to the process are Nigel Blenkinsop (Director of Quality and Automotive Safety, Jaguar Land Rover), PB Balaji (Group Chief Financial Officer, Tata Motors) and Ramesh Subramanyam (Chief Financial Officer, Tata Power). New Team Leaders in the assessments this year are Chinmoy Roy (Head, Technical Services, Tata Motors), Parmanand Tendulkar (Distribution Zonal Head North & West, Tata Power) and Sambasivam Subramaniam (Managing Partner - Consulting and Service Integration, TCS).

Sanjeev Singh, Assistant Vice President, TBExG, spoke about how 2020 was a year of uncertainties and disruptions. He also threw light on the key process changes that have been incorporated to make the assessment outcome even more effective and to overcome the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic situation. He emphasised on the customised approach (n=1) being undertaken and the role of a Mentor in guiding the team to understand and sensitise the team, and nuance their feedback accordingly.

An experienced Team Leader, Arun Verma from TCS, then spoke about the value the assessment process derives from Mentors. He shared his personal experience to narrate the role of the Mentor across the assessment lifecycle and more specifically, during the final feedback and board presentation.

V Ramakrishnan, Group Chief Financial Officer, TCS, shared his experience as a Mentor. He also emphasised on the critical role of the Mentor in ensuring the success of the assessment team and provided key tips for first-time Mentors to kick start their journey. Mr Ramakrishnan also highlighted how the assessment process brings together Tata employees who have varied experience in different industries, thereby leveraging the power of One Tata in the assessments.

Then, Warren Harris, CEO, Tata Technologies, shared his experience in the TBEM journey both as a Mentor and as a participating CEO. He emphasised on the value Tata Technologies derives from the assessment process and how Mentors provide a balance between the outside-in vs inside-out perspective. Mr Harris also mentioned that as a TBEM assessor one has to look at the intangible side and how the TBEM framework enables change to enhance the effort on continuous improvements.

At the end, Mr Padmanabhan talked about the Board members expectations from business excellence assessments and listed down a few areas which may be covered during the presentation to the board. The programme concluded with an interesting open house with Mr Padmanabhan.