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Mentors of Business Excellence Assessment 2021 cycle present to the Group Chairman at Mentor’s Presentation

Published on December 16, 2021

Mentors of 15 Tata companies that underwent Business Excellence Assessment in the 2021 cycle presented the key findings and imperatives to N Chandrasekaran, Chairman, Tata Sons, on December 13, 2021. The session was attended by S Padmanabhan, Chairman of the Governing Council of Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG); and Harish Bhat, Puneet Chhatwal, Rajiv Sabharwal & T V Narendran, members of the Governing Council of TBExG.

Subhrajit Basu, General Manager, TBExG, who was the host for the day, welcomed the attendees. Mr Padmanabhan then took the participants through the highlights of the assessment cycle of 2021. Thanking the Mentors for the valuable guidance to the assessment teams, he mentioned that for the 15 assessments, 256 assessors from 52 companies made contributions, of which 22% were women assessors. Mr Padmanabhan mentioned that to ensure that the feedback was actionable, the assessments were customised for the unique needs of each company. Accordingly, in 2021, there were Enterprise + Business Unit, Enterprise + Location and Business Excellence + Data Excellence synchronised assessments for different companies.

The Mentors of the 15 companies then narrated the summary of the assessment findings for their respective companies. The 15 companies that underwent assessment in 2021 were:

The Mentors of the 15 companies then took the participants through the summary of the Assessment findings for their respective companies. The 15 companies that underwent assessment in 2021 were:

Company Mentor
Jamipol Limited Sanjiv Lal
Nelco Ltd Ananth Krishnan
Tata Autocomp Systems Ltd Abraham Stephanos
Tata Chemicals Limited Ramesh Subramanyam
Tata Communications Ltd Peeyush Gupta
Tata Consumer Products Limited Harit Nagpal
Tata Elxsi Limited Krishnan Ramanujam
Tata International Limited Rajiv Sabharwal
Tata Motors Finance Ltd Sandeep Kumar
Tata Motors Insurance Broking and Advisory Service Neeraj Kant
Tata NYK Shipping Pte Ltd Zarir Langrana
Tata Sky Limited AS Lakshminarayanan
Tata Steel Downstream Products Limited Sunil Bhaskaran
Tata Steel Limited Harish Bhat
The Tinplate Company of India Limited Dr. Henrik Adam

At the end, Mr Chandrasekaran addressed the gathering. He appreciated the format in which a summary of findings were presented in a concise manner. He also thanked all the Mentors for committing time to the assessment process, especially in the last year when managing their own ecosystem was a challenging task. Mr Chandrasekaran also mentioned that his conviction on the power of the platform increases with each passing year, as it enables people to learn about other companies and identify improvements in common processes across companies.