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A new and refreshed EAP2021

Published on April 27, 2021

At the Tata group, the Business Excellence Assessment leveraging the Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) is a movement that is accomplished through the 3C experience -- Customised, Collaborative and Celebrated -- in letter and spirit. Moreover, this has been acknowledged as a role model process even in the Baldrige world. The focus has always been to provide value through insights and feedback and create an opportunity for collective reflections.

The Experienced Assessor Programme (EAP) is a flagship programme that helps a group of select experienced assessors collectively acknowledge the key imperatives of the BE assessment process and equip themselves to take the needed steps to measure up to the challenge. Like every year, the EAP learning agenda has evolved to include learnings from the 2020 Assessment Cycle and priorities of the upcoming assessment year.

The guiding principle for EAP2021 has been to strengthen the fundamentals of the assessment process and explore opportunities for an enhanced experience considering the current business scenario. This year’s EAP was designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Opportunity for reflections and welcoming changes
  • Sharpen the skill of summarisation
  • Understand the nuances of assessing during the pandemic
  • Assess digital transformation
  • Acknowledge the value of customisation, n=1 mindset

The EAP Plus programme is designed for assessors with more than three assessment experiences included an additional session on the enhanced role of experienced assessors during virtual assessments.

In the 11 programmes facilitated in April 2021, 180+ experienced assessors participated from 54 Tata group companies who have immensely appreciated the programme content and delivery. The net promoter score (NPS) has improved to 85 which itself is a benchmark. These programmes were facilitated by a pool of experienced Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) facilitators comprising Clare Meek, Anil Menghrajani, Deepak Deshpande, Devraj Chattaraj, NK Sharan, Sanjeev Singh, Sayantan Roy, Shreyas Desai, Subhrajit Basu, Swaminathan Gopal and Vinod Kumar.


  • “The programme was very good, well designed and well delivered.”
  • “A very nice programme conducted in an interesting way.”
  • “Everything went absolutely well with schedule and content despite it being an online mode of training. Break-out sessions were also conducted well for group exercises on teams through the facility available on the platform.”
  • “The session was very informative and useful. It provided good insights to sharpen assessment skills.”
  • “Fantastic content, faculty and management of the programme. Very reflective and pertinent.”

With competent experienced assessors and qualified first-time assessors, the team is poised to undertake the next cycle of BE assessments and continue to provide value to Tata group companies.

To know more about EAP or other TBExG capability building offerings, please write to Sayantan Roy (