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TBExG conducts BE Practitioners’ Programmes in 4 Tata companies

Published on May 09, 2017

Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) conducted four Business Excellence Practitioners’ Programmes to imbibe the concept of business excellence within the respective Tata companies. The programmes were organised for Tata Business Support Services (TBSS), Hyderabad; JUSCO, Jamshedpur; Tata Sponge, Joda; and Tata International (bicycle division), Ludhiana.

The BE Practitioners’ Programme at TBSS, held on 2-3 April, 2017, focussed on key principles and concepts of Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM), TBSS's top performance indicators and optimal functioning of enterprise processes for effective results. The programme, facilitated by M Nagabhushan, AVP, TBExG; and Deepak Deshpande, AVP, TBExG; was attended by around 20 TBSS executives.

At JUSCO, the programme focussed on enlightening participants about the importance of organisation profile, value chain and process excellence. During the session, 31 participants from JUSCO deliberated on select projects picked up from the company’s last TBEM assessment, such as data management, benchmarking, knowledge management, L&D, etc. The participants later presented their project identification documents to Deepak Kamath, Sr. GM, JUSCO, and Sushmita Ghosh, BE Head, JUSCO. The programme was held from 17-19 April, 2017, and facilitated by Abhijit Mitra, Advisor, TBExG. 

The Tata Sponge BE practitioners programme held at Joda from 26-28 April, 2017, witnessed the participation of 20 heads of departments and executives. The programme focused on ways for Tata Sponge to improve its processes and systems to attain Industry Leadership. Sanjeev Singh, AVP, TBExG, facilitated the programme, which was designed with the guidance of R Somnath, BE Head, Tata Sponge. Mr Mitra offered vital support for the successful conduct of the event.

Around 24 executives attended the BE Practitioners’ Programme at Tata International’s  bicycle division in Ludhiana. Pre-connect calls with Janaki Chaudhry, Head - Strategy and BE, Tata International and Rahul Gupta, Head of Operations of the company in Ludhiana, helped Mr Mitra, the facilitator, to customise the programme to suit the needs of the participants. The programme focused on process mapping and finding opportunities for improvement using the approach, deployment, learning & integration (ADLI) concept. Four key processes selected from the company’s areas of order fulfilment, channel acquisition, new product development and quality assurance were discussed at the programme.

All the BE Practitioners’ Programmes were highly appreciated by the host organisations. The testimonials underscore the efficacy and relevance of the programme.

“The BE Practitioners' Workshop was indeed a well conceived programme. It helped our team members understand the TBEM model in a structured way. It provided greater insights to our experienced members, who had worked with the model and how it links the entire organisation and its processes towards excellence. Their ability to appreciate the model, how to respond to criteria questions in the application and what to expect during a site visit were enhanced and most importantly, they could understand how the model impacts the organisation, their work area and finally themselves! The faculty was able to engage the audience through interactive sessions and meaningful team exercises. I intend to make this an annual event to keep the momentum going.”

Deepak P Kamath
Senior General Manager (Support Services)

“Thank you for facilitating the three-day BE Practitioners Programme at our plant in Joda and in particular, Sanjeev, for adeptly conducting the same. As per the programme structure, we had nominated heads of departments and second-in-commands who were required to drive business excellence in their respective departments and did not have a formal exposure to BELP. The participants felt that the programme was meticulously designed and well paced for three days.” 

R Somnath
Chief Strategy & Business Excellence
Tata Sponge Iron Ltd